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Friday, March 23, 2007

Interview with Big Black Car's Matt Oberg

Some of you are probably thinking "Gosh, dccomedyfest! I like stand-up, but I'd love to see me some crazy improvised comedy that will make me lose my mind. What do you have that's new and off the hook?" Or some could be thinking "I'd loved to see me something with up and coming artists who I've seen on TV doing comedy but who might not yet be household names. You got any of those acts dccomedyfest?" Other still might be thinking "God, I wish I had a banana?"

Well if you are a person who isn't wishing for a banana, then you are in the right place. We have an off the hook act for you catch at this year's fest that features people you might have seen on TV. They are an Improv group called Big Black Car. Big Black Car is a house team at New York's legendary PIT theatre. They have won critical and fan acclaim, and are drawing crowds where every they go. Matt Oberg (not pictured above) from Big Black Car took a few minutes to answer some questions for us so we could introduce you to this must see act.

dccf: First questions first, What's the story behind your group's name, Big Black Car?

Matt: Truth be told, no one really knows the story behind the name. Sadly, it has been lost to history. Legend holds that it's a lyric from a Tori Amos song. I prefer to believe it is from Leviticus 4:20.

dccf: Who is in the group and how did Big Black Car first get together?

Matt: Big Black Car is Justin Akin, Chris Caniglia, Scott Eckert, Ellie Kemper, Megan Martin, Matt Oberg, Tom Ridgley, and Kristen Schaal. BBC (as our friends call us) formed out of some of the earlier classes at the PIT and steadily worked it's way up to becoming one of the permanent house teams. Chris Caniglia seems to enjoy taking credit for starting the group. "You people would be nowhere without me!" he says. "I have arthritis!" he also says.

dccf: Anything the members of Big Black Car are looking forward to doing while in DC for the fest?

Matt: Personally I look forward to beholding the quiet dignity of many of our nation's capital's monuments. And then making fun of the fat people in ponchos who are leaning against them.

dccf: Some of Big Black Car's member have appeared on '30 Rock', 'Chapelle's Show', 'Ugly Betty', 'Late Night with Conan O'Brien' and a soon to be released Lifetime Original Mini-Series 'Take me Home - The John Denver Story'. Okay, who is in the John Denver Story? Who do they play? What was the experience like for them? And were they disappointed with the ending of the film?

Matt: Again, Chris Caniglia can take the credit on this one. He plays Mr. Denver's estranged brother Derek. When asked about the project Chris said "Being involved with 'Home' was a real privilege. Such a great cast - Lisa Kudrow, Haley Joel Osment, Alfonso Ribeiro, the list goes on. I couldn't be more proud of the work. " When asked about his joint pain Chris said "It's worst in the morning."

dccf: Are there any particular acts Big Black Car cast members are looking forward to checking out at the dccomedyfest?

Matt: A lot of the acts look great. Elephant Larry are friends and they always put on a great show.

dccf: We hear you guys are a pretty popular show at New York's legendary PIT theatre. What makes your show such a draw for audiences?

Matt: Most of us have been improvising for a while, and I think we just have a pretty relaxed informal style that is fun to watch when everything is going well. We split the bill with a great group called "Fancy Dragon" and that's part of it. But to be honest, I think people just can't get enough of my rock solid gags.

dccf: What was the strangest review that you've ever received after a Big Black Car show?

Matt: "That was awful."

dccf: What was it like to be named 'Best Improv Group' by the Emerging Comics of New York awards back in 2005?

Matt: Wow. What a roller coaster ride. I think more than anything it just helped the group's mojo. So much of improv is about the attitude you bring to the stage and if you are under the impression that people enjoy you it helps you to believe that you are good and that in turn makes you good. It's like karate.

Dccf: What should a dccomedyfest audience expect to see when they come to check out Big Black Car at the 2007 dccomedyfest?

Matt: Personally I feel we are one of the best looking improv groups out there. So there's that. But beyond that a very fun, and very funny half hour of state of the art long form improv. I can almost guarantee you we will not ruin your evening. And some day you will be able to say "I saw them in DC before their drug problems became very, very real."

dccf: Anything you want us to make sure dccomedyfest blog readers know about before coming to see Big Black Car at the fest?

Matt: The climate crisis and what they can do about it. Fluorescent bulbs are a lot less booger than they used to be.

If you are thinking "Gosh, I am so excited that I am going to check out Big Black Car at the fest. Where can I get tickets?", then proceed to our tickets page to find out about our open pass system. Big Black Car is only one a many other must see feature performer acts to check out at this years fest. Check them all out on our Acts page. Not enough for you, then come to the fest and challenge yourself to a class? Maybe then you can form your own improv group and be in the 2008 dccomedyfest.

For bananas see any of your local produce vendors for a fine selection of ripe and pre-ripe bananas.

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